Little Fir Tree - The Story

There’s a magical world for those who choose to enter a snow-covered forest, where animals live happily alongside talking trees. This is the home of Little Fir Tree, whose dream of growing up, tall, strong and loved is echoed by a little girl called Lara. When danger threatens this idyllic place, there is a chance that Little Fir Tree could escape, but there are those who are working to destroy his chance of happiness.

Lara asks to hear her favourite bedtime story: Little Fir Tree.

It is snowing in the forest, and Little Fir Tree loves it. As usual, two larger trees, Big and Bigger, spoil his fun and put him down. Little Fir Tree is hurt by this, but Owl consoles him. The animals love the snow too and they're happily playing when Poacher Pete crashes in and tears down branches and chases the animals for dinner.

A group of schoolchildren interrupt Pete when they arrive for a winter picnic. They settle next to Little Fir Tree and their teacher, Miss Tishka, tells them about the magic of The Forest. The children decide that they will come back to take the little tree to their school to decorate him, which makes him very happy and he gives Lara a glowing, magic fir cone as a sign of their friendship.

The animals are very worried about Poacher Pete. Little Fir Tree says that he is happy to hide them in his branches, but he is delighted to tell them that he will soon be moving to the school. Big and Bigger point out that it is not much of a triumph to be chopped down and taken away as dead wood. Suddenly realising what is going to happen to him, Little Fir Tree is desolate.

While the animals try to console the Little Fir Tree, Owl explains to Big and Bigger that the children obviously intend to replant him at the school, not chop him down. Understanding this, the two bullies start to argue as to which of them would be better for the honour. Before Owl can explain to Little Fir Tree what the children want to do, he is trapped and taken away by Poacher Pete.

A search party is mounted by the animals and they march off to rescue Owl. Big and Bigger tell Little Fir Tree that they can save him by shaking snow from their branches and hiding him. Little Fir Tree gladly agrees. Lara, who is sick in her bed, sees that the light in her fir cone has gone out. She has lost contact with Little Fir Tree, so, despite her illness, she climbs out of her window and goes into the Forest to look for him.

At last the animals find Owl, and attempt to release him from the net, but Poacher Pete disturbs them, and chases after them with his gun.

Meanwhile, the children have come back to collect Little Fir Tree, but they can’t find him. A storm brews up and Miss Tishka gathers them in the shelter of a giant oak. In wonder the children watch as the animals, half blown by the wind and half running from Poacher Pete, bump into Little Fir Tree and knock the snow off his branches. Lara is ecstatic that Little Fir Tree is still there; he was only hiding.

Poacher Pete runs in but on seeing the children, he runs away again, but not before one of them takes his photograph; now the police will be able to catch him. As the children go off to collect shovels and a sledge to collect Little Fir Tree, Owl flies back in: everyone is safe. The story ends with Little Fir Tree standing decorated in the school playground, larger than before and, yes – still growing!