It has been really heartening to hear where the children have planted the trees that they were given to them at the Little Fir Tree Concert in December. Some children did a bit of gorilla planting (brilliant that’s just what we need in our cities) and some planted them in their Grandma’s garden or in their own gardens. Other’s took them to their local parks.

We were delighted that the gift of a tree was taken so seriously. Planting trees for the future well being of the planet has really captured the imagination and it’s fantastic that so many young people are not only getting the message but spreading it far and wide.

Just this week this picture was sent to me by a lovely Polish Family. Look very carefully and you will see two saplings( the Woodland Trust gifts from the concert) that travelled all the way to Niegow, forty-nine kilometres from Warsaw to be planted for Ania and Dominik who came to see the show in December.

Getting that photo and message this week from Poland was such a pleasure and it really shows that ‘one little tree’ really can make a difference.

So let’s keep on, keep on planting!

...Our little trees travel to Poland

This is the article that we we’re asked to write for the Arts Professional for February 2019 on how LFT Productions was raising awareness amongst local primary schoolchildren in Islington of the importance of trees in our cities, through storytelling and music.

....we’ve got Sylvester McCoy as our Narrator for LITTLE FIR TREE at Kings Place for December 2018. Rehearsals are just about to begin and everyone is looking forward to meeting him.

We are so lucky!

Sylvester is well known as the Seventh Doctor Who in the classic BBC TV series and THE FIVE (ISH) DOCTORS REBOOT, with the Doctor’s adventures continuing in the Big Finish Audio Dramas. His Film career includes Peter Jackson’s trilogy of THE HOBBIT as Radagast the Brown, and more recently in SLUMBER, BEAUTY and THE CHRISTMAS CANDLE. He has also just finished filming on YOU in Dresden. His stage roles include the Fool to Sir Ian McKellen’s KING LEAR; Mushnik in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, the title role in THE PIED PIPER at the National Theatre, and most recently in the premiere of the three-hander A JOKE at the Edinburgh Festival. On TV as The Old Man of Hoy in the Netflix series SENSE 8; the comedy series ZAPPED for Dave, and THE CRIMS, HOLBY for BBC TV. You may also enjoy him in the family audio comedy, and as Narrator of Evangeline Lilly’s THE SQUICKERWONKERS.

Sylvester McCoy

The exciting news is that we did our first two ’Tree Awareness’ workshops in Thornhill Square, Islington this week. St. Andrew’s school Years 1 and 2 arrived full of the joys and they were all ready and willing to enjoy the sunshine and find out more about trees. One child said their favorite part was finding out about the giant London Plane tree planted there in 1847. They were also intrigued by the idea that this tree had been looking after people for one hundred and seventy one years, by absorbing polluted air, from coal fires to car fumes.

Of course they all loved the hot chocolate too and hearing about Little Fir Tree as well as a few new songs from the show.

We’ve got eight more workshops to go in October and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to every one… Fingers crossed the weather holds!

Invitations went out today to local Primary Schools in Islington, to take part in our free Tree Awareness Workshops in the Autumn term.

Of course LITTLE FIR TREE will be coming up in the discussions and I’m sure Owl will have some very wise words to say about trees and what they need to grow and why they are our friends…especially in a city like London!


Now that spring is appearing and new growth is bursting through where snow was recently the main feature, we are happy to let you know that - for our first gala concert performance of LITTLE FIR TREE in December - we have Claire Lyth on board as our designer.  Her beautiful images feature in this website: a Forest of Dreams indeed.